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Waimea Trading sources unique fresh produce from across the globe.

We also have access to a range of Australian vegetables which are not listed below, these include:

  • Heirloom Carrots/ Golf Ball Carrots/ Baby Purple Carrots/ Dutch Carrots
  • Baby Romanescu/ Large Romanescu
  • Micro Radish's (French Breakfast, Cherry Bell & White)
  • Coloured Cauliflower (Purple, Green, White)
  • Target Beetroot

As we order most of our fresh produce on demand, please let us know if you would like any of our produce. 

Tasmanian Wasabi

wasabi stemsWasabi (Wasabia japonica Matsumara) is a perennial herb, native to Japan, and belongs to the same plant family as broccoli, cabbage and mustards. In Japan, wasabi is cultivated in fields and mountain streams and the fresh product is prepared by grating the stem of the plant to form a hot, spicy paste that is served with traditional dishes such as sushi, sashimi and soba noodles. Japan produces about 5,000 tonnes of wasabi per annum, in Tokyo’s fresh vegetable market it is referred to as ‘green gold’. 

Commonly referred to as the ‘root’ of wasabi,  fresh wasabi stems provide an outstanding hot, sweet flavour when freshly grated. This is real wasabi at its best!

Tasmania started growing wasabi in 1994, so as to expand their range of high value products that grow in Tasmania’s pristine environment. Now in 2008 they have perfected their wasabi industry and are supplying superior quality hydroponic wasabi all around the world.

Each stem has a typical weight of 80-150g and will provide 10-15 average serves. Min. order 500g.

Tasmanian Fresh Horseradish

horseradishTasmania is a paradise for food lovers and has an international reputation for its premium fresh products. This is because Tasmania boasts a temperate climate, clean air, rich soils, reliable rain and clean oceans. Tasmania is also extremely isolated from any other mainland resulting in an absence of major pests and diseases.

Horseradish is a perennial plant of the same family as mustard, wasabi and cabbage. It grows up to 1.5metres tall and is mainly cultivated for its large white tapered root. Chef’s use the term ‘horseradish’ to refer to the grated root of the plant mixed with vinegar, prepared horseradish is white to creamy-beige in colour and is generally used as a condiment or ingredient.

Waimea Trading can supply you with best quality, fresh horseradish from Tasmania. Please call or email us with any orders or enquiries as this is a seasonal product.

Tasmanian Wasabi Leaves

wasabi leavesWasabi’s glossy, deep-green, heart-shaped leaves are ideal as a garnish, to accompany sushi, or just to add a mild wasabi flavour to salads. Hand picked, size ranges from 50mm to 100mm diameter.

Also available in Baby Leaves (size range 20mm to 40mm diameter)

Australian Edible Flowers

rocket flowersEdible Flowers are flowers which can be eaten. They are a fantastic garnish for dishes to add a touch of elegance.

Waimea Trading can provide the following varieties of edible flowers:


Tasmanian Fresh Black Salsify

salisyBlack Salsify, also known as schorzonera, originates from Catalan ‘escorzo’ meaning viper, as the plant was used in ancient times to treat snakebites. Black Salsify is black on the outside with a soft, pristine white flesh in the centre; it is a long and tapered root vegetable. Salsify is hard to peel but worth it when you get to the flesh, since the root sap is an extremely sticky latex, it is often more convenient to peel it after boiling the root for 20 to 25 minutes.   The flesh has a slightly sweet, earthy taste and a wonderful, almost creamy texture reminiscent of young asparagus.

The thick black skin of the salsify root is usually considered inedible and can be removed either prior to or after boiling. If the skin is removed prior to boiling, the peeled root should be immediately immersed in water mixed with vinegar or lemon juice, in order to prevent discolouring. Black salsify is popular served like asparagus in a white sauce, such as bechamel sauce or mustard sauce. Boiled salsify roots may also be coated with batter and deep fried

Salsify is a unique vegetable to find in your local restaurant, or at your local fruit and veg shop, this is unfortunate as salsify has a wonderful flavour and texture which can enhance any meal. Salsify is very popular in France and Italy where it is used as an accompaniment to meats, in soufflés and is a very popular snack in Belgium.

n. Since the root sap is an extremely sticky latex, it is often more convenient to peel it after boiling the root for 20 to 25 minutes.

Australian Fresh Native Finger Limes

FingerlimesThe Australian Native Finger lime is easily the most fashionable and exciting citrus product currently available in the market, they are an exquisite fruit grown in the rainforests of Australia; they are also known as citrus caviar because of the fish roe like fruit pearls inside the finger lime.

The most important qualities of finger limes are taste, appearance of the pulp and texture of the skin. Finger limes are an excellent source of vitamin c and they are a great substitute for lemons and traditional non native limes.

Finger limes are commonly used in drinks, or with seafood, chicken and meat dishes. The trees generally fruit from December through to June, depending on weather conditions.

Availability and price of Native Finger Limes is subject to its seasonality, please contact Waimea Trading for more information.

Minimum order is 1kg

Australian Fresh Samphire

SamphireSamphire is a traditional Anglo-Saxon vegetable commonly known as 'sea asparagus' or 'sea fennel' and has regained popularity in seafood dishes and salads in fine dining restaurants around the world. It is a unique native plant food delicacy and is sought after for its salty spicy taste.
Now-a-days it is seen as a luxury often found along many costal areas of Australia, mainly South Australia. Waimea Trading supplies Australian Samphire of the highest quality to restaurants throughout Australia.

Australian Samphire does not grow during the winter months of the year. Minimum order is 1kg

To view further information on Samphire, please click here.

Wild Bear Garlic

wild bear garlic

Bear Garlic (also known as Ramsons or Wild Garlic) is a wild relative of Chives. Wild Bear Garlic has the same properties as garlic, but its medical potency is much greater.

Milder than garlic these leaves make a lovely addition to salads or chopped finely over soup, meat dishes, omlettes and sauces. The leaves melt down in volume when cooked, this results in a very mild flavour. Wild Bear Garlic is native to Western and Central Europe, the season is very short.

Availability and price of Wild Bear Garlic  is subject to its seasonality.

Australian Wakame


Wakame is a Japanese sea vegetable, or edible seaweed with a mild, subtly sweet flavour and chewy texture. Some say it has a slight spinach flavour. The seaweed is leafy and is deep green in colour.

Our Wakame is freshly harvested in Tasmania.

French Wild Asparagus

French Asparagus

French Wild Asparagus (also called Bath Asparagus) is harvested from the wild in France during May. Despite its name it is not related to the asparagus. Best served like asparagus, just a little crunchy.

The season is very short, lasting only 6 weeks.

Australian Yuzu


Yuzu is a citrus fruit originating in East Asia; it is believed to be a hybrid sour mandarin and Ichang papeda. The fruit looks similar to a very small grapefruit with an uneven skin; it ranges in colour from green to yellow depending on the degree of ripeness. It has a tart flavour with a hint of mandarin, again resembling that of a grapefruit. Yuzu is rarely eaten as a fruit, though in the Japanese cuisine its aromatic zest is used to garnish dishes, and its juice is used as a seasoning, a bit like that way a lemon is used. Yuzu is restricted from being imported into Australia, however, Waimea Trading has an established relationship with a renowned Yuzu grower within Australia.

Availability and price of Yuzu is subject to its seasonality, please contact Waimea Trading for more information.

Minimum order is 1kg

Australian Organic Garlic

OMG garlic

Grown  in heavily composted soils, rich in minerals and trace elements, this certified organic large clove ‘Russian’ garlic has a wonderful flavour and is even delicious eaten raw.

Due to its large cloves, many cooks prefer it, as it’s easier to prepare and has a longer shelf life.

Produced without artificial pesticides or fertilizers, this organic garlic is renowned for its flavourful and nutritious properties.