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Galateo&Friends offers you the best of the famous “Italian well being” through a concept dedicated to those people who like to enjoy beautiful things, such as fine food.

As refined “gourmets”, Galateo&Friends decided to produce a complete food line as an expression of excellence: products from Italy and made in Italy, from extra virgin olive oil, to balsamic vinegars, going through to pasta, rice and truffle products.

Galateo&Friends have been researching the best quality ingredients to bring you the best tasting and packaged products from Italy.

Galateo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca Quality

galateo_extra_virgin_olive_oil_taggiasca_quality_500mlA fantastic extra virgin olive oil. Golden yellow tone. While tasting it, this olive oil will result fluid and sweet, and once swallowed, a round and delicate aftertaste will stay in your mouth. Land of origin: 100% Taggiasca quality. Territory: west Liguria . Acidity: less than 0,5%. Perfect matching: steamed or fresh vegetables, fish, rice, light dressings.

available in: 500ml bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seletti Special Edition

extra_virgin_olive_oil_taggiasca_quality_seletti_special_edition_500mlGalateo&Friends has created with Seletti a new special edition: an elegant white porcelain bottle containing exquisite extra virgin olive oil of taggiasca quality.

available in: 500ml bottle

Assolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca Quality

Assolo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca Quality 500mlAn extra virgin oil made of Taggiasche olives, coming from a small area in Western Liguria, situated in a favourable and sunny position.

It is a very rare oil, producted only when olives on the upper areas ripen late, until April and May. Its low acidity level and the high content of polyphenols make this oil a unique, high-quality product. It is sweet, round and suitable to be the last ingredient of your recipes, enhancing them with its delicate perfume.

available in: 500ml bottle

Settimino Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

settimino_early_harvest_extra_virgin_olive_oil_1lLike all first fruits, it is tasty and fragrant. Like all delights, it is long-awaited and enticing. Settimino is the first extra-virgin olive oil of the season, harvested early to enhance its fruity fragrance and its unmistakable, intense, lively aroma. A high-ranking olive oil obtained directly from the olives and solely through mechanical processing.

available in: 1L bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian

extra_virgin_olive_oil_italian_250ml_500ml_1lA 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from healthy, carefully selected olives. Its full, lively taste is pleasantly fruity, and its colour is intense golden yellow. Thanks to its fragrance and aroma, this unfiltered olive oil goes perfectly with all cold recipes, such as vegetables and mixed salads as well as meat recipes.

available in: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI

balsamic_vinegar_of_modena_250ml_500ml_1lThe Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI is obtained after the slow fermentation of cooked musts of grapes grown in its place of origin, properly mixed with percentages of strong wine vinegar. It is naturally aged and refined in barrels made from various kinds of wood, such as oak, chestnut, etc. It is ideal to dress fresh vegetables or mixed salads, or to use in sauces.

available in: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

Maretimo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

maretimo_extra_virgin_olive_oil_1lAt the beginning of the harvest, just like every year, olive millstones begin their work without pause. The grindstone, called the "colombina", rotating around the "pilla" gives life to the miracle that is oil. GALATEO presents "MARETIMO", its extra-virgin olive oil obtained by the simple pressing of healthy, carefully selected olives. It is a great extra-virgin oil, with a full, lively flavour featuring an intense golden colour. It is not filtered, but only undergoes periodical pouring offs, so if you notice a veil on the bottom of the bottle, it is a sign of its genuineness.

availble in: 1L bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L

extra_virgin_olive_oil_3lA pleasantly fruity, tasty, savoury, virgin oil must. Thanks to its fragrance it will be really appetising even for the most demanding customers.

available in: 3L tin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca Quality

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca QualityGolden yellow tone, with a light aspect. The not overwhelming flavour let arise a memory of dried almonds, ripe fruits, and fresh flowers. While tasting it, this olive oil will result fluid and sweet, and once swallowed, a round and delicate aftertaste will stay in your mouth.

Land of origin: 100 per cent Taggiasca quality (from the name of the city of Taggia on the back hills of Sanremo).

Territory: West Liguria. The olive trees grow up on terraces, on the side of the mountains along the valleys that run deep in the inner part of the territory, till an altitude of 700 mt. This particular landscape that surrounds the trees is for sure the main actor who gives to the olives such a special quality: the mountain rapidly falls in the sea water and due to this configuration the sea breeze can easly reach higher altitudes where the olive trees are.

available in: 500ml, 250ml, 100ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Fresh Lemon

extra_virgin_olive_oil_and_fresh_lemon_250mlCitrus-flavoured oils are very special condiments; they provide an appetizing alternative for the most varied and unusual preparations. Lemons are the most widely used citrus fruit since they are the most suitable for accompanying different foods. This oil is obtained by carefully pressing the finest ripe olives at the same time as fresh lemons. This oil is delicious raw on fish starters, grilled or boiled fish, ‘bresaola’, fresh goat cheese, etc.

available in: 250ml

Barolo Vinegar D.O.C.G. Aged

barolo_vinegar_d.o.c.g_aged_100mlProduced with D.O.C.G. (denomination of origin certified and guaranteed) Barolo wine according to the traditional system and matured in oak casks. It is excellent to cook fowl, kidneys with onion and salads.

A great high-quality product, beautifully clear and bright, of a nice red with an orange shade. Its markedly sour aroma and the distinct characteristics of its taste recall the body and the peculiarities of the wine it is made with.

available in: 100ml

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Longly Aged

balsamic_vinegar_of_modena_longly_aged_250mlThis Modena balsamic vinegar aged 12 years has an intense aroma and wonderfully creamy texture.
With its sweet subtle taste, it is at its best in all recipes and preparations recommending.

available in: 250ml

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

balsamic_vinegar_of_modena_250ml_500mlThe balsamic vinegar of Modena is obtained by a slow fermentation of cooked musts coming from grapes of its place of origin which are opportunely mixed with percentages of strong wine vinegar. It is naturally aged and refined in little butts of various kinds of wood such as oak, chestnut, mulberry, etc., respecting the production area habits. It is fit for various dishes, from appetizers to desserts.

available in: 250ml, 500ml

White Balsamic Dressing

white_balsamic_dressing_250mlThis special dressing made with white vinegar and grape must is excellent for salads and all raw foods. Thanks to its transparent, clear consistency it is ideal for sauces, white meat and fish as it does not darken or alter the original color of the food. Its characteristic flower-scented aroma and sweet and sour, fresh and well balanced, harmonic taste, make it ideal for all uses.

available in: 250ml

Apple Vinegar Dressing 250ml

apple_vinegar_dressing_250mlApple dressing is the result of a delicate and wise combination between apple vinegar and apple most. It has a straw and brilliant colour and a fresh, sweet-and-sour, well balanced and pleasant flavour. This dressing will provide both a sweet and acidic quality and add a tasty apple flavour to cooked or uncooked vegetables. It is great on roasted meat, bacon, desserts and salads.

available in: 250ml

Champagne Wine Vinegar 'Reims'

champagne_wine_vinegar_reimsAccording to the champenoise method, champagne vinegar is produced during the disgorgement stage, using the frozen parts of champagne bottles. Champagne vinegar is created using the same basic process used to age Champagne, it is kept in barrique and left there for at least one year. Thanks to its particular taste, champagne vinegar has become a top quality product on the market. Champagne vinegar is ideal for cooked vegetables and sauces, and it can also be used to dress boiled meat.

available in: 250ml

Balsamic Dressing Flavoured with Pomegranate

balsamic_dressing_flavoured_with_pomegranate_250mlThe balsamic dressing flavoured with pomegranate made by Galateo&Friends is a specialty obtained by harmonizing the finest fragrances of white grape, the sweet-and-sour flavour of the white balsamic dressing and the intense, fresh perfume of pomegranates. This unusual union creates a particularly pleasant aroma and a refined taste which ideally espouses a variety of typically Mediterranean dishes.
It can be used pure or as a special dressing for exalting the taste of mixed salads, sauces, fruit salads, fish dishes as well as chicken dishes, cheese and ice creams.

available in: 100ml

White Truffle & Olive Oil Dressing

dressing_based_on_extra_virgin_olive_oil_with_white_truffleDressings based on extra virgin olive oil with white truffle. This precious dressing is ideal for flavouring food that blends well with the truffle: raw meat, mushroom salad, first courses, fried eggs, fillets and cheese. We suggest 1/2 teaspoon of oil for each serving. After use, seal packaging tightly and keep in the fridge at +4°

available in: 100ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Artist Limited Edition

extra_virgin_olive_oil_artist_limited_edition_250mlAn exclusive art decorated limited edition release of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Galateo&Friends

available in: 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Mini's

extra_virgin_olive_oil_and_balsamic_vinegar_minis_20mlElegant and tasteful mini glass bottles for all kind of dressings. Very practical and perfect for room service and dressing travelling.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca Quality + Modena Balsamic Vinegar

available in : 20ml glass bottles

3 Peppers Blend

3_peppers_blend_30gGalateo&Friends has created a selection of 3 different hand-crushed varieties of pepper in a recipe that includes black Sarawak pepper (Indonesia), pepper Szechuan (China), pepper Long (Indonesia). 

 available in: 30g

5 Peppers Blend

5_peppers_blend_30gGalateo&Friends has created a selection of 5 different hand-crushed varieties of pepper in a recipe that includes white Muntok pepper (Indonesia), black Sarawak pepper (Indonesia), green peppercorns (Indonesia), Jamaica pepper and pink peppercorns (China). With its strong flavor, its floral aroma enhances many different dishes.

available in: 30g

Danish Smoked Sea Salt

danish_smoked_sea_salt_70gThe crispy sea salt flakes are reaped on the Danish coasts. This salt obtains this colour and its light smoke scent thanks to a slow drying process on oak wood fire. Ideal with game and grilled or stewed meats.

available in: 70g

Fior di Salt from Sicily

fior_di_salt_from_sicily_60gThis sea-salt is hand-gathered at the salt-pans from Sicily in Italy, following the age-old method traditionally used by the local craftsmen. It is allowed to dry in the sun and wind. It is obtained without using chemical products so that it retains its natural magnesium and calcium content as well as other trace elements. “Fior di sale” has a characteristically fine and light crystalline texture. It is an excellent-quality naturally white salt and is very rare. Not having been washed, all its natural richness is preserved in full. It is recommended for highlighting the flavours of vegetables, crudités, seafood and grilled food.

available in: 60g

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

hawaiian_black_sea_salt_70gBlack sea salt from Molokai Island, Hawaii. This black sea salt, treated by the fishermen of the Hawaii island, is rich of mineral elements of volcanic origin added to the salt during drying period. Essential for elaborate dishes and high culinary level.

available in: 70g

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt Crystals

hawaiian_red_sea_salt_crystals_65gThe specific colour of this salt is due to purified argil that enriches it with minerals. In the Hawaiian tradition the salt is sun dried et then mixed with argil. Ideal for imposing a strong flavour to every single dish.

available in: 65g

Himalayan Pink Salt

himalayan_pink_salt_65gKewra salt mines are the biggest ones in the world in secondary age history. The mountain crystal salt is a special quality called Halite and contains almost all the oligomineral elements already present in the human body. This salt changes his specific colour upon its extraction site but keeps unaltered its structure. Perfect for all preparations.

available: 65g

Madagascar Sea Salt with Bourbon Vanilla

madagascar_sea_salt_with_bourbon_vanilla_60gThe flowers of salt from Madagascar are superior crystals salt generated by natural sea pulls along its coast after the low tide and hand reaped by local women through a unique traditional way. This sea salt with Bourbon vanilla represents a real view on the culinary futurism. Ideal for red or white meats.

available in: 60g

Persian Blue Sea Salt

persian_blue_sea_salt_100gNatural, rare rock salt. Origin: Iran. Its unusual colour is due to a natural variation of the salt crystals. It has a strong salty flavour that doesn't last too long on the tongue, but leaves behind an agreeable spicy aftertaste.It is ideal for strengthening all types of dishes or for use as table salt to be ground just before eating. It pairs well with all preparations, and the grains can also be used for decorating dishes.

available in: 100g

Smoked Penja Pepper

smoked_penja_pepperOrigin: Cameroon. These large white pepper grains have a strong character and a very original aroma thanks to their provenance from a naturally rich and balanced volcanic land. Sweet and refined, the Penja pepper grains match perfectly with musky flavours, strengthening red meats and game, but also enhancing the delicacy of fish recipes. A great vintage white pepper, it is smoked for long time in oak wood to enrich its unique aroma. Grind the grains just before serving to best preserve its aroma and delicious smoky hints.

available in: 60g

Salt Tablets

salt_tablets_1.6kgAn innovative product presented in an elegant packaging. Each tablet provides the exact quantity of natural Sicilian sea salt necessary for a litre of water to cook pasta. Very practical and very smart at the same time, can make an unusual and original gift idea.

available in: 1.6kg

Artichoke Creme in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

artichoke_creme_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_180gThis specialty is prepared only with the best, most tender and tasty artichokes. A delicate cream that will give extra taste to your canapés and snacks and will surprise you as sauce for pasta and rice.

available in: 190g

Black Taggiasca Olive Paste in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

black_taggiasca_olive_paste_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_185gIt is produced with pickled black olives and aromatized with the flavours of our Riviera. The drupes are separated from the stones and their pulp is finely ground: adding extra virgin olive oil it becomes pasty and creamy. Fit to prepare appetizers, canapés and snacks: it is the ideal dressing for spaghetti.

available in: 185g

Capers Creme in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

capers_creme_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_190gIt's an appetizing starter naturally prepared with the excellent capers of Pantelleria according to the traditional island's recipe. It's an excellent sauce to dress first courses and tasty canapés and to add and to create others sauces and condiments at choice.

available in: 180g

Dried Tomato Paste in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

dried_tomato_paste_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_185gThis speciality is made by selecting the best tomatoes, picked at the peak of ripeness. They are first washed and cut up into pieces and the seeds are removed, and then they are allowed to dry slowly in the sun on mats inside greenhouses. They are subsequently salted and flavoured with the typical herbs of the Liguria region and lastly finely chopped and preserved in extra-virgin olive oil. The result is an exquisite-tasting uniformly creamy paste. It is a natural product and contains no preservatives. It can be served with hors d’oeuvres or used to enrich any dish.

available in: 185g

Old Fashioned Mustard

old_fashioned_mustard_200gThis is true mustard, made according to traditional - nothing more than mustard, cider vinegar, water and salt - the ideal accompaniment for classic dishes and salads.

available in: 200g

Pesto in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

pesto_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_180gFrom the original recipe of the Western Liguria, this is a speciality obtained with first-quality ingredients and prepared mixing the very aromatic basil of our Riviera, with pine-nuts, sheep's milk cheese, salt, a touch of garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Added to just strained pasta, it sends forth the sweet scent of its Mediterranean flavours.

available in: 180g

Pickled Black Olives Taggiasca in Brine

pickled_black_olives_taggiasca_in_brine_125gGathered at the right time of ripening the best black olives are selected and pickled, using the aromatic herbs of our Ligurian Riviera: thyme, sage, rosemary and laurel to flavour them. They perfectly match with baked meat and fish and are ideal to be tasted with aperitifs.

available in: 125g

Pitted Black Olives Taggiasca in Olive Oil

pitted_black_olives_taggiasca_in_extra_virgin_olive_oil_200gThese black olives of taggiasca quality come from the best olive-groves. The drupes, carefully selected, are first pickled and then stoned and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. They are the ideal garnishing for every dish and excellent with aperitifs.

available in: 200g

Salted Capers

salted_capers_140gCapers - contrary to common belief - are not fruit, but immature buds that, if left on the shrub, bloom into beautiful flowers. Every year, from the end of May to mid-August, caper buds are picked, sorted according to size, preserved in sea salt and stirred every day to promote fermentation, to enhance the flavor of the small hard green buds.

available in: 140g

Carnaroli Rice

carnaroli_rice_500gCarnaroli superfine rice is a premier variety of high-quality Italian rice renowned for its big, round grains, superior nutritional qualities and outstanding gastronomic characteristics. Its grains, which triple in size during cooking, efficiently absorb flavourings and condiments while maintaining an extraordinary texture and consistency and, most importantly, will not overcook. In fact, this variety of rice is particularly suitable for rice salads and risottos, for which Carnaroli has a real penchant.

available in: 500g

Vialone Nano Rice

vialone_nano_rice_500gA round-grained rice that increases greatly in volume when cooked. It is ideal for fish or vegetables risottos, and for light salads. The rice is grown using traditional, eco-friendly methods, minimizing the use of chemicals as much as possible. The large grains thereby achieved undergo a light manufacturing process that does not remove the entire external shell (germ), leaving them rich in nutrients: more fiber, more aroma, more flavour, and more bite after cooking. Furthermore, the absolute purity of its variety is guaranteed: the label corresponds to the contents of the package.

available in: 500g

Ricciolina Pasta

ricciolina_pasta_250gThis product is reminiscent of the pasta of the early 1900’s, which has now become only a memory of the older generation. It has been created for those that require well-defined taste. Thanks to the double quantity of wheat germ used, it is very different to the type of pasta that we generally eat today. The cooking time is of only 5 minutes, making it ideal for basic sauces, and even just with a sprinkling of oil, ideal for catering in which the cooking is undertaken with the greatest care and attention.

available in: 250g

Spaghettoni Pasta

spaghettoni_pasta_500gVery large sized pasta, although the cooking time is of only 9 minutes, obtained thanks to a micro-slit of 0.8 micron,  on cooking due to the fact that the pasta swells considerably the micro-slit closet, so that the pasta remains very rounded and tasty, even if chef makes a mistake with the cooking times. Given the size of this Spaghettoni pasta it is ideal for functions or for pre-cooking, as it means that it does not stick even if served hours after cooking, simply remove the product from the heat or re-heat it, or allow it to rest in a thermal pan, to be served outside the kitchen. This is the ideal pasta for rich meat or vegetable based sauces.

available in: 500g

Tacconi Pasta

tacconi_pasta_250gThese wheat germ Tacconi,  bronze-drawn release and excellent taste and are ideal for basic vegetable and fish based sauces, as long as they are light. This delicious pasta is also delicate to cook so care must be taken not to mix the pasta excessively during cooking. This pasta cannot be pre-cooked, even partially. Providing these instructions are followed you can be assured of an excellent and very tasty dish.

available in: 250g

Tagliolini Pasta

tagliolini_pasta_250gA very finely cut pasta made with a top quality bran and a perfectly balanced ratio of egg which, thanks also in part to the wheat germ, give it a particularly good flavour, make these an ideal pairing for truffle or vegetable-based seasonings. The pasta reaches its best consistency after cooking for an ideal total cooking time of 3 minutes. A product dried at low temperatures and laid by hand on cutting frames which give it its curved form as irrefutable proof of its handcrafted origin and the uniqueness of its manufacture

available in: 250g

Butter with Truffle

butter_with_truffleExcellent condiment for warm dishes, it infuses the truffle flavour to any recipe. Ideal with pasta, risotto, meat and eggs, potatoes or mushroom dishes. It can be used also as a tasty spread, delicious with salmon and tuna.

available in: 25g

Honey with White Truffle

honey_with_white_truffle_50gExcellent to go with aged cheese, such as Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana, Castelmagno and blue cheese

available in: 50g

Salt with Black Truffle

salt_with_black_truffleTo create this new seasoning, we selected the unrefined Grey Salt from Guérande (FR), which is hand harvested in the salt flats of the coastal area in Britanny. This special mineral rich variety combined with the tasty truffle creates a fine seasoning for cold and warm dishes, such as meat fillets and steaks, tuna and salmon carpaccio or tartare, fish, seafood, pasta and risotto, eggs

available in: 30g

White Truffle Creme

white_truffle_creme_30gPure white truffle cream 99%. It is the finest condiment for warm dishes: pasta, risotto, meat fillets and eggs. As it is a very concentrated product, we suggest that you dilute the cream with some extra virgin olive oil, butter or cream. It serves 5 portions.

available in: 30g

Flowers Salad

flowers_saladOrigin: France. This flower mixture is ideal for salads and vinaigrettes, it matches perfectly with cheeses as well as with all refined recipes with a touch of style. Open up a new world of colour and originality!

available in: 6g

Hearts of Sugar

hearts_of_sugar_150gOrigin: France. A truly charming product with a sugar heart to sweeten a coffee break in a unique, sophisticated way.

available in: 150g

Herbal Infusion Relaxing

herbal_tea_infusion_relaxing_35gInfusions, not to be confused with tea, are a mix of plants, herbs and flowers. They must be taken in small doses (one teaspoonful per cup) and are traditionally prepared by pouring freshly boiled water on the dried herbs, leaving to infuse for a few minute, according to taste. A little honey will add sweetness without altering the beneficial properties of the beverage. Relaxing blend: verbena, linden of Carpentras, roman chamomile, hibiscus, flowers of orange.

available in: 35g

Herbal Infusion Tonifying

herbal_tea_infusion_tonifying_50gInfusions, not to be confused with tea, are a mix of plants, herbs and flowers. They must be taken in small doses (one teaspoonful per cup) and are traditionally prepared by pouring freshly boiled water on the dried herbs, leaving to infuse for a few minute, according to taste. A little honey will add sweetness without altering the beneficial properties of the beverage. Tonifying blend: mint, cedronella, basil, rosemary, sage.

available in: 50g