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 The story of A L'Olivier began in 1822 in the Marais district in the heart of Paris.

Mr Popelin, a pharmacist at the time, decided to set up a stall devoted to olive oil. This pioneering man of vision was already aware in 1822 of modern press claims that are bolstered by extensive scientific studies : the Green Gold is an elixir. For years he vaunted the merits of olive oil to Parisians and in time the firm became the haunt of lovers of the Mediterranean art of living.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

available in: 3L tin

Haute-Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil

silver_250ml_tinsOur oil is obtained from three varieties: the Aglandau, which is the dominant variety, gives fruitiness and suppleness with its artichoke and almond flavours. The Tanche reinforces the perfume, and the Picholine gives character. The olives are harvested later here than at Aix en Provence and the fruit flavour is riper. It possesses an overall spiciness with a pleasant peppery aftertaste.

available in: 250ml tin

French Cuvee Extra Virgin Olive Oil

french_cuvee_1lThis well balance, medium style oil has an attractive aroma of citrus fruits, cut grass and culinary herbs with flower undertones that leads on to a salad bowl of complex leafy flavors in the mouth.

available in: 1L tin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil drum

brown_drum_750mlLe fût, the drum, il fusto … a common object in the olive oil world, but so precious in protecting the oil from ultraviolet rays and so practical for transporting, stocking and transferring the oil into bottles.

We have designed and produced a miniature replica of the industrial drums that take roughly two hundred litres of oil. This version contains 750ml.

In this original packaging, both in gift form and as a simple functional drum, we propose an extra virgin olive oil, a vintage blended in our workshops from olive oils from the Mediterranean basin.

French Black Fruity Virgin Olive Oil


This black & fruity virgin olive oil is a more flavorful offering than most oils.  It is sweet and fragrant with a soft mouth feel, a crisp and fresh fruity taste that comes from allowing the olives to fully mature. One of the staples of every day French cuisine from Vallée des Baux, Provence.

available in: 250ml tin

Basil infused Olive Oil

basil_oil_250mlObtained from fresh herbs, by direct transfer of their aromatic components, essential and oleoresin oils, our basil oil stands out by virtue of its strong flavour of freshly picked sweet green basil.

This remarkable oil is used in all preparations requiring very aromatic basil: tomato and mozzarella salad, stuffed tomatoes, goat’s cheese, ratatouille, fried red mullet, stews, soups, and of course fresh pasta.

available in: 250ml tin

Sun-dried tomato infused Olive Oil

sundried_tomato_250ml_tinWe use Sicilian sun-dried tomatoes to make this delicate oil. Just mix it with Basil and Garlic oil for an exceptional Provencal condiment (for use with vegetable risotto, seafood spaghetti, or Catalan tomato bread).

available in: 250ml tin

Chilli infused Olive Oil

chilli_oil_250mlOne or two spoons of your favourite aromatic oil in soup, towards the end of cooking, will give it an original personal touch. You can also gently fry your vegetables with a little oil before adding the water or chicken stock.

available in: 250ml tin

Lavender infused Olive Oil

lavender_oil_150ml_tinThis delicately flavoured oil speaks to the soul. The flavour leads you to the vast lavender fields in Provence. Use this infused olive oil for baked chicken, drizzle over vegetables, or toss with simple greens and lemon juice. Infuse bakes goods with the scent of lavender or drizzle over gelato and chocolate dishes.

available in: 150ml tin

Virgin Toasted Sesame Oil

sesame_250ml_tin This Asian oil is rich in phospholipids and essential fatty acids. It is prepared in the Asian manner - grilled and then crushed – to give a superior flavour.

Using a little of this very sophisticated oil at the end of cooking will give a very Asian flavour to many dishes. It can be heated, and is particularly suited to wok cooking.

available in: 250ml tin

Virgin Hazelnut Oil

hazelnut_250ml_tinA L’Olivier hazelnut oil is made in our Poitou mill (southwest France) in much the same way as our walnut oil. It has the exquisite flavour of roast fruit and is mainly used a dressing for raw vegetables.

It goes particularly well with endive, avocado and tomato salad. We recommend combining it with mature wine or raspberry red wine vinegar. Thanks to its particular flavour, hazelnut oil is also used in patisserie.

available in: 250ml tin

Virgin Argan Oil

argan_oil_250mlVirgin Argan oil is extracted from the almond of the fruit of the Argan tree, which is a small thorny tree only found in the South West of Morocco (the Essaouira-Agadir region). Rare and precious, this oil has been recognised for centuries by the Berbers of the Atlas Mountains for its gastronomic, nutritional and cosmetic virtues. Our oil is extracted form the first pressing of lightly roasted shelled almonds and is then filtered.

Argan Oil can be used in cold or hot dishes and with savoury, seafood or sweet food. As a salad dressing, we recommend using it with lemon juice.

available in: 250ml tin

Garlic and Thyme infused Olive Oil

garlic_and_thyme_250ml This aromatic composition made with olive oil, fresh garlic and fresh thyme stands out by way of its original flavour. The perfume of garlic predominates at first and the thyme’s freshness comes through in the aftertaste.

Remarkable by virtue of its ability to round a dish nicely, our Garlic & Thyme oil can be used in a large number of preparations, ranging from green salad (preferably romaine) to leg of lamb, and including grilled dishes.

available in: 250ml tin

Extra Virgin Olive Oil spray

glass_spray_-_olive_oilA L'Olivier new flask atomizer combines ease, beauty and the quality you expect from France's leading olive confectioner. Spray on the perfect dosage to oil a pan or flavor-finish fish, vegetables and pasta at your table and as you like it.

available in: 25ml glass spray bottle

Balsamic Vinegar spray


Modena Balsamic Vinegar is made according to an unusual method, involving the combination of old wine vinegar and concentrated grape must. After filtration, aging takes place in casks of precious wood. Although it is now most commonly used as a seasoning, we would also recommend it for deglazing meat and pan-fried vegetables

available in: 25ml glass spray bottle

White Wine Infused with Provencal Herbs

white_wine_vinegar_with_provencal_herbsWhite Wine Vinegar infused with Provencal Herbs.

Presented in an A L’Olivier glass bottle, 250ml

Chilli & Herb Infused Olive Oil

chilli_infused_olive_oilA L’Olivier’s chilli and herb infused extra virgin olive oil is made by crushing small pimento hot chilli and peppercorns, and blending it with rosemary and thyme aromatics. A real help in the kitchen, this spicy oil can be used sparingly to season couscous, pasta, chilli con carne or pizza. Packed with pimento chillies punch and aromatic herbs, it tastes as delicious as it looks. The embossed bottle of olive oil from A L'Olivier is a stunning feature of timeless classic design, but tastes too good to keep as decoration. Superb strong chilli taste with a twist.

available in: 500ml bottle

Greek Black Olives

black_olivesOlives Noires à la Grecque - These fine olives are mature. They have lost their bitterness, their skins are wrinkled and they have acquired a slightly fruity taste, typical of Greek black olives. They are prepared with herbs from Provence, so they are ready to decorate your pizzas and onion tarts or to be associated with green olives in your salads and as an aperitif.

Green Olives in Brine

green_olives_in_brineThe ‘Lucques’ is of Italian origin and is cultivated in the Aude. Harvested green, it is mostly used for conserves. This green, almond-shaped olive with generous and firm flesh is characterised by its nutty aroma.

L'Ancienne Wholegrain Mustard

ceramic_mustardL'Ancienne Mustard from A L'Olivier is a wholegrain mustard, adding a pleasant bite to dressings, hot or cold meats and on sandwiches.

available in: 250g ceramic jar

Provencal Herbs

provencal_herbs_in_bagA selection of the finest Provencal herbs in a 150g pouch.