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Farmed Albino Beluga

Waimea Trading are the first to import this rare Albino Beluga caviar into Australia.

This is the rarest and most cherished of all sturgeons, as an Albino sturgeon only comes along once in a blue moon. The taste and texture of Albino Beluga caviar is exactly the same as Beluga caviar; the ‘berries’ are large with a soft texture that are heavy and ripe and the taste is soft, buttery and delicate. The only difference between Beluga and Albino Beluga caviar is the colour of the ‘berries’; they are light beige to off-white to pearlescent in colour.

Available in 30g, 50g, 125g, and 250g tins. 
There is a limited supply of Albino Beluga caviar.