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Edouard-Artzner Duck Fois Gras (100% Lobe)

Foie Gras is obtained by gently force-feeding the ducks 2 or 3 times a day for three weeks. Ducks naturally force feed themselves in the colder months of the year before migrating; this is so they build up enough reserves to fly the long distance of the migration. The ancient Egyptians were the first to notice this and took advantage of it by catching the birds just before they were ready to migrate.

The weight of the liver when the duck is slaughtered can be up to 900g, the best weight however is between 600g to 800g. Duck liver has a strong flavour and is pink-yellowish in colour.

To import Foie Gras into Australia, Australian Quarantine rules specify that the Foie Gras must be poached at 70°C in the centre.

Waimea Trading sells “Edouard-Artzner” 100% Duck Foie Gras, this is made with the best lobes and they are lightly poached in their vacuum packs.

Available in vacuum packs ranging from 300g - 500g in weight
Minimum order 1 vacuum pack (300g – 500g)

They keep for 1 month from date of manufacture at 0°C to +3°C