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Alaskan Red King Crab

King CrabAlaskan Red King Crab in the largest member of the spider crab family, it can weigh as much as 9kgs a crab. The Alaskan red king crab is now being exported around the world for its wonderful flavour and texture, to some of the finest restaurants.

The Red King crab is one of the worlds largest crabs with a fantastic meat to shell ratio therefore giving the user a outstanding 50-55% meat to shell return, this product is used in large quantities in kitchens of many restaurants due to maximum yield and effortless preparation, as the meat is so easily obtained from the shell.

The meat is cooked at sea, left to sit on large racks for the water to drain for a few minutes then boxed in 9-10kg boxes before being blast frozen at Sea to minus 50°C. This crab can be enjoyed by either gently thawing until reaching the desired temperature or immersed into boiling water for 4-5 minutes, making the meat seem as though it has been freshly caught and cooked.

Alaskan Red King Crab is a seafood delicacy that is most often enjoyed very simply – straight from the shell.  It is sold as frozen cooked legs in 9-10kg boxes, which can be removed in lots of 5 legs attached to a knuckle making for easy use in kitchens. The rich crab meat is very versatile and can be used in an extensive range of recipes from salads to omelettes, even though their amazing taste is enjoyed with minimal preparation.

Available in 9-10kg boxes (minimum order - 1 box)