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Alba White Truffles

White Truffle

Alba White Truffle/ Alba Truffle
(Tuber Magnatum)

The Alba White Truffle originates from the Langhe area of the Piedmont region in northern Italy and, most famously, in the countryside around the city of Alba.

Alba truffle grows with oak, hazel, poplar and beech trees. The flesh is pale cream or brown with white marbling. Italian white truffles are very highly esteemed and referred to as 'white diamonds'. 

This truffle is definitely the most aromatic and flavorful of all the truffle species and great care is taken in is consumption.

Unlike the black truffle, the white truffle is never cooked and only served fresh; it is far too delicate for cooking. Instead it is shaved raw over cold or warm dishes often to enhance the flavors and aroma. Italians like to eat white truffles plain, sliced paper thin on pasta with butter and cheese, or on eggs. The white truffle market in Alba is busiest in the months of October and November.

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