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MOTTRA Caviar is the world's first sustainable caviar. They harvest the caviar without killing the sturgeon. Using modern technology and special sturgeon caviar farming techniques, the caviar is gently massaged out of the fish once it is about five years of age. The fish is then put back into the Mottra pools in Riga, Latvia where the sturgeon continues to grow and starts the next process of caviar production.

MOTTRA’s caviar is ethical. Sturgeon is milked or ‘stripped’ of their eggs once harvested rather than being culled or performing a cesarean section.
 MOTTRA’s caviar is sustainable. Fish eggs come from own sturgeon. Due to the ethical spawning sturgeon breed all its productive life. The fish are not wasted.
MOTTRA’s caviar is fully traceable to the origin at the farm where it has grown from its own fish eggs
MOTTRA’s caviar is healthy. No artificial substances or preservatives (apart from salt) are used.
MOTTRA’s caviar is ecological. Sturgeon is farmed indoors and the water comes from 150 m deep artesian wells. Water consumption of the plant is reduced to a technologically possible minimum.
MOTTRA also carefully manages the feeds buying from reliable producers that have the best quality and are ecologically friendly.
MOTTRA’s farm is an indoor farm. There is no air or water pollution there.
MOTTRA’s farm is friendly to the environment. Water which passes into the environment is totally free of chemical additives and neither nature nor the groundwater is affected.
MOTTRA is concerned with global warming. The farm has very low energy consumption.