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Cantabric Anchovies

anchoviesConservas Nardin was voted Spain's best conservas for the last three years running. Their company's main goal is quality, both with regards to it product and its service. The close relationship between CONSERVAS NARDIN and the Port of Getaria, along with the family's extensive experience in the field of fresh fish, means the company has great knowledge of fishing, of the fish markets and of the optimum qualities of the different kinds of fish found in the area. Being present when the boats unload their catches allows the company to guarantee the quality of the fish and check that it is in line with the agreed specifications: fresh fish in season.

Once the fish has been brought in, it is essential that the subsequent elaboration process is impeccable, for which reason it starts on the same day as the fish is bought, hence maintaining the freshness of the primary product. It is then elaborated in keeping with the artisan tradition, without any kinds of preservative or additive.

These cantabric anchovies from Spain are 1st class anchovies that rival the current leading anchovy products in the Australian market. Waimea Trading offers a range of black and white cantabric anchovies preserved in olive oil and vinaigrette, the packaging ranges in size for personal use to food service use.

Minimum order 1 pack (variety of sizes)