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La Amarilla Organic Olive Oil

LA OilLa Amarilla de Ronda, was founded with the idea of producing high-quality Spanish ecological extra virgin olive oils, made from the finest ecologically-cultivated raw materials, with the hope and intention of making them an internationally recognised product. La Amarilla originates from Andalusia in Spain, one of the most prestigious oil making areas of the world.

Waimea Trading is proud to support two different varieties of olive oil that La Amarilla de Ronda have to offer; the Suave and the Intenso.

Suave is "a soft, sensitive, na├»ve oil with a smooth texture, reminiscent of the skin of a peach, sweet, with the tiniest hint of acidity to give it personality. The flavour is reminiscent of nuts, in particular almonds, and mulberry leaves. Discrete on entry, it then opens out to flood the taste buds, leaving a feeling of placidity in the mouth".  The smoothness of this ecological extra virgin olive oil brings out the flavours of the foods it accompanies. Our experts recommend it for sophisticated salads containing smoked and salted products or foie gras and for richly flavoured dishes with strong sauces. It is also ideal for cakes and pastries, such as sponges, doughnuts and other specialties.

Intenso is "an incisive, agile, lively oil with aromatic touches of green tomato leaf, apple and acerola peel. Its texture is that of walnut shell while its flavour is reminiscent of nuts, in particular walnut. Fleshy in the mouth, it is a particularly Spanish oil in nature, with a deep, very pleasant aftertaste that heightens other flavours while making its own personality felt". Our experts recommend using it with bread, on salads, with poached and grilled fish, in white meat stews or to season rare red meats, for fried foods and in preparing modern olive oil ice-creams.

Both oils are organic extra virgin olive oil, which means that they come from the first press of the olives which is the best.  It has been said for millenniums that olive oil has health benefits which is still true today La Amarilla de Ronda takes pride in offering not only a truly exceptionally tasting oil olive oil but also one that has kept with tradition spanning centuries.

Available in a range of tin sizes 250ml, 500ml and 3L (min. 1 box)