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Jamon Serrano Gran Reserva

JamonJamóndul Gran Reserva Serrano, is a market leader in Australia, and has been embraced and revered by the top end restaurants, delicatessens and other high end establishments. Like no other Serrano, this product continues to outstand restaurant owners and food fanatics as being far better in taste than the other hams on the market, this has been apparent in the blind food tastings we have done with competing products of late.

These beautiful Spanish hams are sensational on gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, pastas or served in more traditional ways such as simply with some rock melon or figs.

Available in full legs, cryvacted legs range in weight from 4.5 to 5.5 kg. They are also available in 100 gram packets. The average shelf life for Jamón is 8 months from the original date of packaging if the product has been kept at it optimum temperature of 0-7°C.

Minimum order 1 leg or 1 box of pre-sliced Jamon (15 packets)