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Papua New Guinea Vanilla Beans

aaVanilla ResizedThe vanilla bean is the only fruit of the orchid plant which is edible. In its indigenous country of Mexico, the plants are naturally pollinated by humming birds. In the other producing countries across the world such as Madagascar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Tahiti, where the plants are pollinated by hand, there is even more care involved in the process. The end result which most of us are used to seeing in fine food stores is the product of months or even years of close care and time consuming effort. Therefore the product is considered one of the finest most luxurious foods in many cuisines.

The flowers before the beginning of the process are tasteless and odourless. The beans actually acquire their distinctive characteristics once the fermentation process begins. The beans are dried in the sun during the day, and then wrapped in blankets at night in order to make them sweat. This process can take up to 6 months, after which the beans are aged for up to 24 months depending on the circumstances. It is during this time that the beans actually acquire their sensational flavour and aroma. After this delicate process, the beans are ready to be consumed.

Vanilla beans should usually, if processed in the correct manner, have a moisture percentage of 15-17%. Beans carrying more moisture than this are either being sold to soon or too late in their processing period. One should be wary of this since it is quite common practice, and therefore the products integrity has been jeopardized. Waimea Trading only acquires the best beans from Papua New that are constantly of the highest standard year round at a consistent length of 18.5cm.

Available in 250g, 500g or 1 kilo packets, larger amounts can
be acquired if need be.

Waimea Trading also carries a “B” grade vanilla in stock, if desired upon request.

International Express is available
Minimum purchase 250g