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South American Tonka Beans

aaTonka BeansThe Tonka bean has taken modern Western restaurants by storm; they have been used to flavour dishes by the top restaurants around the world for their diverse use in both sweet and savoury dishes.

The tonka bean is used in moderation to enrich certain dishes in many cuisines. It has a sensational aroma which is often compared to much more common flavouring including vanilla, almond, caramel, pepper, cinnamon and even tobacco. When inhaling it, you can very much relate it to one or more of these scents. It is traditionally prepared by being soaked in alcohol for one or two days, and then removed whereby fermentation begins. Coumarin then becomes apparent on the beans in the form of white crystals on the beans surface.

Now-a-days the two main producers of Tonka Beans are Venezuela and Nigeria. Therefore one can find that there is obviously a more extensive tradition with the product in the South American and African culture. It has only recently been embraced by the Western cultures and has already made quite a scene in some of the best restaurants in the world. From being used in duck foie gras and tonka bean at the Robuchos in Paris to Sponge Cake with sour cherry, tonka bean and vanilla at the Alinea in New York City.

The bean itself, though relatively unknown to the masses, is slowly becoming appreciated by some of the best chefs that the world has to offer at the moment including excellent restaurants in Australia. It is a luxury item and as we all know, good taste never goes out of style.

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